Страница 21 - ГДЗ Английский язык 8 класс Учебник Ваулина, Дули, Подоляко, Эванс Spotlight

Авторы: Ваулина Ю.Е., Дули Д., Подоляко О.Е., Эванс В.

Издательство: Просвещение

Тип: Учебник

Решение заданий 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 со страницы 21 из учебника по английскому языку для 8 класса Ваулиной

1. What is social etiquette?

2. Read the title of the text and the headings under the pictures.

What do you think people in the UK do in these situations

Listen and read to find out.

3. Answer the questions.

4. Explain the words/phrases in bold.

Use some to complete the sentences.

5. Now answer the questions in Ex. 3 about your country.

6. Project: Write a short article for an international school magazine explaining what someone should do to greet people, make small talk or visit people in your country.

Use your answers from Ex. 5.

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