Страница 37 - ГДЗ Английский язык 3 класс Test Booklet Spotlight Быкова, Поспелова, Дули, Эванс

Авторы: Быкова Н.И., Дули Д., Поспелова М.Д., Эванс В.

Издательство: Просвещение

Тип: Тесты

Read and write yes or no. Our house is very big! There’s a kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There’s a big sofa and two armchairs in the living room. Look at my bedroom! There are two beds in it. Look at all the flowers in the garden! Our house is lovely! e.g. Our house is small. no 1. There is one kitchen. 2. There are two living rooms. 3. There are two sofas in the living room. 4. There is a bed in the bedroom. 5. There are flowers in the garden.
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