Страница 14 - ГДЗ Английский язык 3 класс Test Booklet Spotlight Быкова, Поспелова, Дули, Эванс

Авторы: Быкова Н.И., Дули Д., Поспелова М.Д., Эванс В.

Издательство: Просвещение

Тип: Тесты

Read and choose. e.g. Hello. What’s my / your name? 1. This is my little sister. His / Her name is Betsy. 2. Look at our /its car. It’s blue. 3. Hello, I / my am Lulu. 4. This is my fish. Its / Your name is Bubbles. 5. He’s my dad. His / Her name is Ben. Read and complete: is, are. e.g. This is my pet. 1. Our car _ not white. 2. Lulu and Maya _ my friends. 3. _ it a pencil case? 4. They _ not at home. 5. Betsy _ Larry’s little sister. Write in plurals.
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