Страница 51 (119) - ГДЗ Английский язык 3 класс Учебник Быкова Н.И., Дули Д., Поспелова М.Д., Эванс В. Spotlight Часть 2

Авторы: Быкова Н.И., Дули Д., Поспелова М.Д., Эванс В.

Издательство: Просвещение

Тип: Учебник

Look, read and choose. (15 points) 1. A: Are you having a good time? B: a) Oh, yes. It’s great here! b) It’s morning! 2. A: Who’s riding the horse? B: a) It’s brown. b) Fiona is! 3. A: What are you doing? B: a) I’m fine, thanks. b) I’m painting a picture. Look, read and complete. (35 points) There are a lot of children in the park today. Look! Liam and Jim e.g. are playing(play) soccer. Mandy 1) … (drink) Coke and her sister Ruth 2) … (fly) a kite. Karen and Wendy 3) … (play) basketball. Their mother, Janet, 4) … (sleep) under the tree! Everybody 5) … (have) a great time! Now I can … 1. talk about activities & hobbies 2. talk and write about things happening now
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